Antipasti | Tapas | Meze

ġbejniet and Sundried tomatoes

Traditional peppered ġbejniet (cheese) and Sundried tomatoes

Marinated Kalamata olives

Kalamata olives marinated in chilli, garlic, and herbs


Dolmates (Stuffed Grape leaves) served with Tzakziki

Onion Bhaji

Onion Bhaji served with mint yogurt dip

Grilled aubergines

Grilled aubergines with rucola pesto and cherry tomatoes

Battered Squid Rings

Battered squid rings drizzled with honey

Shrimps Tempura

Shrimps Tempura served with Mangoraja sauce

Buffalo chicken wings

Barbequed Buffalo chicken wings served with Hickory sauce

Marinated Maltese sausage

Maltese sausage marinated in balsamico and olive oil

Carpaccio of beef

Drizzled with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil garnished with salad leaves and grana shavings

24months old Parmeggiano Reggiano

100g of 24months old Parmeggiano Reggiano served with honey

100g Gorgonzola cheese

Served with home made fruit chutney and walnuts

Oven Baked brie

Drizzled with olive oil and garnished with salad leaves and tomatoes


Maltese platter

Gbejniet (Peppered cheese), sundried tomatoes, marinated Maltese sausage, fresh tomatoes, sottolio artichoke hearts and bigilla (tic bean dip)

Greek platter

Dolmaltes on a bed of couscous, kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, stuffed baby peppers, hummus and tzakziki

Fritto Misto

Buffolo chicken wings, jalapenos, spring rolls and spicy potato wedges served with Hicory sauce


Selection of cured meats

Cheese board

Selection of cheeses served with home made fruit chutney


Mozzarella di bufola with parma

Mozzarella di bufola with parma, fresh basil and tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

Chicken supreme set on a bed of crispy seasonal salad leaves and herbs accompanied with croutons, bacon and cherry tomatoes tossed in home made dressing and finished off with Grana shavings and pine nuts

Bresaola and Brie

Bresaola and Brie Salad on a combination of salad leaves, celery, sliced pear and walnuts


Light refreshing salad with tomatoes, fresh herbs, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, onions and crispy lettuce dressed with olive oil and tzakziki


Quinoa trio with salad leaves, grilled aubergines, fresh herbs, dried cramberries and cashew nuts


Fagottini Pere e Noci

Pasta parcels filled with cheese and pears served with caramelizes sauce with slices of pear and walnuts

Gniocchi Mozzarella & pomodoro

Gniocchi di patata filled with Mozzarella and tomato tossed in sundried tomato pesto and fresh basil

Panzerotti funghi porchini

Pasta filled with porcini pate’ in a creamy mushroom sauce

Ravjul tal- Fenek

Home made ravioli filled with rabbit meat served in a tradional red wine sauce

Garganelli Salumi

Garganelli with cured meats, grana, bell peppers and olives in white wine reduction

Rettangoli Salmon

Pasta rectangles filled with salmon in a creamy sauce with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes



Maltese bread dough stuffed with pork belly meat, ricotta cheese and oregano, sprinkled with sesames seeds and oven baked

Hobza Miftuha

Maltese bread dough topped with tomato salsa, potato slices, tuna, onions, capers and sesame seeds, baked and served with rucola


Braised beef olives in a tomato sauce cooked the traditional way. Served with potatoes

Barbequed belly ribs

Marinated pork ribs (local) served with salad and spicy potato wedges

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breast on a bed of quino with grilled aubergines, cherry tomatos, feta cheese and fresh mint

Braised chicken drumsticks

Braised chicken drumsticks with Saute’ potatoes, garden salad accompanied with mango chutney

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank cooked in red wine with chillies, raisins and rosemary served with potatoes

Seared Salmon

Seared Salmon with Kalamata olives and salsa cruda served with Sauté potatoes


Mqaret u Helwa tat-tork

Traditional diamond shaped pastries filled with dates accompanied with helwa tat-tork

Bacio cake

Thick chocolate cake accented with walnuts and chocolate stout

Apple crumble tart

Apple crumble tart served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream


Banana and toffee cake

Salted peanut and caramel

Salted peanut and caramel, chocolate coated cake

Selection of ice creams

Our selection varies daily, talk to us to find out what’s available